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GO Connect Project

May 2021

Started “GO Connect” Building Trust Based Relationships project after a successful funding application to the National Lottery Community Improving Lives Fund.

For Grampian Opportunities, this is a new beginning building on our knowledge and skills of health and wellbeing and moving into looking at how we tackle loss, isolation and loneliness which has a huge impact on individuals’ wellbeing and health.


Grampian Opportunities Senior Coordinator said “The new funding from Lottery Community Fund helps us continue to support vulnerable people. It allows us to grow and develop our activities for working age adults affected by disabilities and long term conditions.  


The main aim of the GO Connect project is to match people to the right support and encourage them to explore options and choices available to them.  This includes self-help approaches, with the encouragement to connect to a wider range of local opportunities and community support.  The work will help build connections and tackle issues of loss, isolation and loneliness.”

Current projects include:

Listening Ear

Grampian Opportunities Volunteer Listening Ear project aim is to maintain and improve participants’ wellbeing through regular social contact with a matched listening ear volunteer.

Aimed at adults, anyone at risk of social isolation and loneliness especially people with disabilities, mental health issues and those with long term conditions especially those shielding and at high risk of Covid-19. Aim to maintain wellbeing and reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Chatting Together

The aim of the group is to create an opportunity for people with long term conditions to come together face-to-face as a small group to find their own answers to issues surrounding their mental health through listening and learning from each other.  


During lockdown keen for the group to continue to connect with each other and looked at a variety of different methods of doing this that would work for all members of the group so decided to trial running the group as a telephone discussion (Whatsapp). Host set up the group in Whatsapp and talked through each participant how to hide their phone number from others in the group. 

IT Buddy

It is increasingly evident that it is essential to have at least some level of digital awareness during this Covid crisis and moving forward.  Those who lack access to resources and skills in the digital world are at best, slow to receive support or at worst being left behind.

We aim to set up a volunteer “buddy” system to support individuals improve their digital skills in their own way and in their own time according to their own needs. Participants will have support to achieve personal outcomes and improve their wellbeing leading to better, healthier and happier l

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